Episode 451: A dinosaur with bladelike spikes and pure plywood armor


Episode 451: A dinosaur with bladelike spikes and pure plywood armor. A brand new ankylosaur, a brand new ornithopod, and Dr. Will Tattersdill joins us to debate dinosaurs in Victorian-era popular culture


  • A brand new ankylosaur from the Isle of Wight, Vectipelta, had armor much like 1/2 inch thick plywood in its pores and skin and bladelike spikes on its sides supply
  • Scientists named a brand new ornithopod dinosaur, Calvarius rapidus supply
  • A brand new dinosaur brief, “We Hunt Giants” co-produced by Andreas Feix and Titus Pair supply


Will Tattersdill, a Senior Lecturer in Literature and Up to date Fantasy Cultures on the College of Glasgow. He’s an knowledgeable in late-Victorian science fiction and explores how the connections between dinosaur science and science fiction.


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The dinosaur of the day: Ilokelesia

  • Abelisaurid theropod that lived within the Late Cretaceous in what’s now Neuquén Province, Argentina (Huincul Formation)
  • Sort of regarded like Carnotaurus, however with out the horns
  • Walked on two legs, had a protracted tail, lengthy legs, and really brief arms
  • Thought-about to be medium-sized
  • Have had a number of measurement estimates: 13 ft (4 m) lengthy and 440 lb (200 kg); 17 ft (5.3 m) lengthy; and 19 ft (5.8 m) lengthy weighing 1850 lb (840 kg)
  • Described in 1998 by Rodolfo Coria and Leonardo Salgado
  • Fragments of the cranium and skeleton present in 1991
  • Holotype included a part of the cranium, 5 articulated tail vertebrae, a pair neck and again vertebrae, cervical ribs, a number of toe bones
  • Distinctive options within the cranium bones, and within the vertebrae (within the hole depressions within the bones)
  • Sort species is Ilokelesia aguadagrandensis
  • Genus identify means “flesh lizard” or a “flesh consuming reptile”
  • Species identify refers to the place the fossils have been discovered, in Aguada Grande
  • Lived in an arid setting
  • Different dinosaurs that lived across the similar time and place embody carcharodontosaurs similar to Mapusaurus and Meraxes, titanosaurs together with Argentinosaurus and Chucarosaurus, and hadrosaurs

Enjoyable Reality:

Carnotaurus had the proportionally shortest arms of any massive carnivorous dinosaur.

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