Eager Amber-feathered Ornithomimus Digital Dinosaur


The Eager Amber-feathered Ornithomimus Digital Dinosaur is a cutting-edge toy that mixes the thrill of dinosaurs with fashionable know-how.

This toy options hanging amber-colored feathers, including a contact of realism to its look. Its lifelike design makes it visually interesting to each kids and dinosaur fanatics.

Powered by electrical energy, the Eager Amber-feathered Ornithomimus can transfer and produce sounds, bringing the prehistoric creature to life in a enjoyable and interactive manner.

Youngsters can have interaction in imaginative play, studying concerning the historical world of dinosaurs whereas having fun with the thrill of controlling their digital dino good friend.

Extra product particulars concerning the Eager Amber-feathered Ornithomimus Digital Dinosaur:

 Each 110V & 220V can be found

24 months guarantee

World cargo


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