Namibian Cheetah Siyayya Offers Beginning To 4 Cubs In Kuno


Cheetah cubs in Kuno

Two days after the demise of Sasha, the feminine cheetah in Kuno nationwide park, there may be excellent news coming from the jungle . Siyayya one other Namibian cheetah, nonetheless in an enclosure gave beginning to 4 cubs. Because the officers rejoice the event, they name cubs “ 4 Indian cheetahs after 75 years”. Underneath chetah translocation propject, 8 cheetahs have been introduced from Namibia on September 17 final yr.  

Born In An Enclosure

cheetah cubs in kuno

Siyayya continues to be residing in a 150 hectare enclosure inside Kuno nationwide park the place “she had interacted with Freddie and Elton, the 2 males “.  After the 8 Namibian cheetahs have been airlifted to Kuno and quarantined earlier than their launch to completely different  enclosures, the 2 males have been launched in an even bigger enclosure – quantity 4- of about 150 hectare. Siyayya was launched additionally within the neighbouring enclosure quantity 5.  First they interacted from behind the wired fence   however   someday round third week of December the gate between the 2 enclosures separating them was opened  resulting in mating, mentioned an official of theUnion ministry of forest ,setting  and local weather change who’s  a part of the  cheetah undertaking and motion plan. The gestation interval of cheetah is about 90 days and we have been anticipating excellent news, he mentioned.  Although solely 5 % cheetah cubs survive to maturity, Siyayya has a bonus of residing inside an enclosure the place there may be minimal threat of   predators.  

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When within the wild, moms maintain their cubs hidden of their dens for six to eight weeks to maintain them protected against lions, hyenas and leopards amongst others. “The primary issue for his or her survival for the primary 60 days is their capability to remain   hidden from the predators”, officers mentioned including, “we should make sure that there could be no predators contained in the enclosure the place Siyayya is taking care of her new born.”  “Right here it’s nearly like nursing residence circumstances inside her enclosure however lets us see  how lengthy  and what number of of them  survive . You may’t predict with the wildlife animals” , they mentioned. Siyayya was not launched within the open jungle of Kuno . However three males together with Freddie, Elton and one female- Asha- have been launched earlier this month. Two females, Savannah and Tiblis  weren’t discovered match for his or her launch within the wild. There are wild cheetah however have been bred in captivity and will not survive within the wild. The eighth  cheetah Sasha died two days in the past

By Deshdeep Saxena

Photos Courtsey Kuno nationwide park 


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