Lengthy-term frequent utilization of a specific web site by lynxes – Zoology by Vadim Sidorovich


Co-author Irina Rotenko

In Naliboki Forest (the central-northern Belarus) in addition to in different habitats in a person lynx dwelling vary there are quite a bit websites, that are utilized by the person lynx for numerous functions.

Amongst such websites may be distinguished the next their varieties: marking factors; sleeping or usually resting websites; lairs (breeding dens); searching ambuscades; grooming websites; refuges to keep away from blood-sucking bugs and(or) precipitations; playgrounds of kittens; locations, the place mom lynx can nurse kittens safely and go away them alone for some time. Marking factors are probably the most quite a few websites of lynxes; significantly grownup males have tons of of them. Nonetheless, virtually every lynx has not a number of personal websites of the opposite above-listed varieties.

In lots of circumstances the native habitat circumstances and web site specificity can fulfill probably the most of lynx necessities reminiscent of sleeping and grooming in a dry spot with out a lot disturbance from blood-sucking bugs and(or) precipitations; efficient searching ambuscade; appropriate marking level; related and secure spot to stick with kittens. Such sort of websites are often visited by lynxes moderately usually. In line with the gained outcomes (Sidorovich, 2022), spatial construction of the lynx inhabitants in Belarus (in Naliboki Forest significantly) is packed; in an grownup male dwelling vary one to 3 mom lynxes with kittens or non-breeding grownup females in addition to subadult lynxes stay repeatedly. Due to this fact, such multi-functional lynx websites may be visited and used recurrently by completely different people.

Within the under video and pictures you will note the lynx web site, which was traced by us throughout seven years and the place we registered 6 completely different grownup males, 4 moms with kittens (one of many moms used the positioning for 4 years, whereas different mom was registered there for 2 years), and 5 smaller lone lynxes maybe subadults. Throughout these seven years ten days was sufficient to get one lynx go to of this web site. Typically, lynxes visited the positioning daily and even a number of occasions (as much as 3 times) per twenty-four hours. The frequency of utilization of the positioning by lynxes evidently relied on the species inhabitants density in Naliboki Forest. When there have been 4-6 lynxes per 100 sq. km, one lynx go to of the positioning was documented for 3-5 twenty-four hours on common, whereas after the decline within the lynx native inhabitants as much as 1-3 inds per 100 sq. km one lynx go to of the positioning was registered for 7-11 twenty-four hours on common.

Within the web site lynxes have been grooming, resting, generally sleeping; they evidently stayed for an ambush searching; used the positioning as a playground for kittens; mom lynxes nursed kittens or kittens have been consuming one thing that their mom introduced; moms left kittens within the web site for some time to go for searching; additionally, lynxes marked the positioning regularly by urine, pores and skin gland secreting, and by scats generally.

The lynx web site consists of a line of 5 massive root plates of uprooted massive spruces, that are stretched on the fringe of treefall. On the inner aspect of those root plates, it’s dry and no wind often. Alongside the sting of treefall simply behind of the foundation plates there’s a pathway, by which appropriate prey of lynxes (roe deer, crimson deer (calves), wild boars (piglets), raccoon canine, crimson foxes, mountain hares stroll not sometimes. Furthermore, close by the lynx web site on the treefall edge a small current clearcut located.  On this clearcut with early reforestation the above-mentioned potential prey of lynxes feed usually. So, the lynxes that keep within the web site at uprooted spruces can relaxation, groom, sleep and use an ambush searching on the similar time. Within the web site a number of trunks of fallen bushes located about two metres as excessive. Moreover within the treefall close by the lynx web site there are standing bushes.  Due to this fact, kittens staying within the spot can escape on the peak simply, if there’s a hazard.

Within the higher video and pictures which are given under you see some registrations of lynxes within the web site.

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