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Watch The Lizard’s Story

Anoles are lizards with an evolutionary story to inform. There are over 400 species of anoles, dwelling all around the American and Caribbean tropics: from distant rainforests within the Better Antilles to bustling mainland cities. Within the final 50 years, anoles have turn out to be a “mannequin organism” for finding out evolution, ecology, and animal conduct. Scientists world wide have printed 1000’s of research on these humble lizards! Watch to seek out out what makes an anole an anole, and why these unassuming lizards have drawn a lot consideration from scientists.
Featured researchers: <a href=””>Jonathan Losos</a>, <a href=””> Shane Campbell-Staton</a>, <a href=””> Rob Pringle</a>, <a href=””> Melissa Kemp</a>, <a href=””> Kristin Winchell</a>, <a href=””> Manuel Leal</a>, <a href=””> Jason Kolbe</a>, <a href=””> Luke Mahler</a>, <a href=””> Kevin de Queiroz</a>.<br>
Featured species: <a href=””>Anolis cristatellus</a>

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Watch The Lizard's Tale


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