All the pieces You Must Know Concerning the Douglas Squirrel


Whether or not it as a pine squirrel, Douglas squirrel, or chickaree, Tamiasciurus douglasii is likely one of the cutest tree-dwelling mammals in British Columbia. Right here is every thing you could find out about these little rodents, together with what to do after they trigger you to seek for skilled squirrel elimination in Coquitlam.

What Do They Look Like?

Douglas squirrels have orange tummies, brown backs, and pale rings round their eyes that resemble spectacles. In summer season, you might discover darkish strains that seem like racing stripes on their sides. In winter, the squirrels additionally develop distinctive ear tufts, and their black markings fade to grey.

Crimson squirrels and Douglas squirrels are each roughly 35 centimetres lengthy from head to tail tip. Crimson squirrels lack the distinct markings and colors of Douglas squirrels, so it’s straightforward to inform the 2 species aside. The japanese grey squirrel dwarfs each of them, weighing as much as twice as a lot as they do.

What Do They Eat?

Douglas squirrels depend on seeds from conifer timber as their primary meals supply. However like most rodents, Douglas squirrels are omnivores that additionally eat a wide range of meals of their environments. Listed here are a few of their favourites:

  • Flowers and berries
  • Invertebrates reminiscent of worms and bugs
  • Nestling birds and small mammals
  • Mushrooms

In the event you watch Douglas squirrels eat, you’ll discover some distinctive behaviours. When gnawing a mature conifer cone, they begin on the backside and spiral their solution to the highest, consuming the seeds as they go. After they come throughout inexperienced, unripened cones, they are going to bury them in damp soil to maintain the cones contemporary till able to eat. In addition they dry mushrooms to eat later by putting them within the crotch of a tree.

The place Do They Dwell?

The Pacific Northwest and the Sierra Nevada mountains are the one locations on the planet that Douglas squirrels name house. Their vary extends by the southwestern nook of British Columbia and alongside the coast into Western Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.

In the event you dwell in an city space of Coquitlam, then you might be accustomed to seeing principally grey squirrels round city. Douglas squirrels don’t thoughts dwelling close to individuals, however they like forests with an abundance of cone-bearing timber reminiscent of hemlock, spruce, pine or fir.

What Do They Do?

Douglas squirrels spend most of their time up in timber the place they will look ahead to predators from a favorite department. Yow will discover their hangouts by wanting on the bottom for piles of discarded cone scales that the squirrels toss down whereas consuming.

As a result of they’re normally up within the tree cover, a lot of their communication with different squirrels is vocal somewhat than visible. In early spring, they’re particularly noisy as they use their screeches, barks, and chirrs to defend territories and pursue mates.

How Do They Get Inside Homes?

Throughout summer season, Douglas squirrels assemble a nest out of bark, branches, lichens, and moss, and place it in a conifer tree. This cozy construction, known as a drey, is the place they elevate their infants. Within the winter, they transfer right into a hole tree and spend much less time outdoor.

When a human house is inside a Douglas squirrel’s roughly one-hectare territory, the squirrels will transfer into it in the identical means they might a tree. Sadly, they are going to chew holes in siding and might trigger electrical shorts by gnawing on wires. They will additionally create an unsanitary scenario by urinating and defecating on insulation.

How Skedaddle Gives Squirrel Removing

Douglas squirrels are gratifying to observe within the yard, however they trigger issues after they come indoors. Skedaddle technicians will take away them humanely, then seal up openings to maintain them out. If you’re having points with any sort of squirrel, name Skedaddle for a house inspection in the present day.


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