a color plate from 1959


Within the days when color printing was extraordinarily costly, the Avicultural Society had particular appeals for funds to help the looks in Avicultural Journal of the occasional color plate. A well known fowl artist was then commissioned. Though the entire run of the Society’s magazines may be discovered on-line, the plates hardly ever see the sunshine of day. Due to this fact I made a decision to point out one, every now and then, on this website. That is the seventh within the sequence.

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This plate illustrates an article by the artist, George Morrison Reid Henry (1891-1983). He printed and signed his work ‘G.M. Henry’. One in all eleven youngsters, his father was supervisor of tea estates in what was then Ceylon. He was educated at house by his older sisters. After working as a laboratory assistant he was taken on as a draughtsman by the Colombo Museum. He labored his approach up and in 1913 was appointed to a brand new publish of Assistant in Systematic Entomology. He stayed in in that publish till he retired in 1946. His son, David Morrison Reid Henry (1919-1977) was additionally a fowl painter.

The fowl, Gallus lafayettii, is endemic to Sri Lanka the place it is not uncommon. Henry, within the article, descrbed his observations on the birds within the wild.

Avicultural Journal 65, 1959


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